SuperDAO : Efficient Multi Dapp, DAO Management Platform

The SuperDAO Pre - ICO has been modified to a “Pre - ICO” Only project. That means that holders will be able to mine the rest ofSuperDAO tokens (SUP) based on early stake and also have other rewards and benefits from Pokereum (our first dapp) and our media dapp in stealth mode development. Get an Immediate Position with 40% discounted and access to our first DAPP is decentralized Poker Pokereum Learn more about it here :

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SuperDAO is an ethereum, reputation based, decentralized autonomous organization governance system for management of viable dapp ventures. In simple terms, a crowd managed organization developing profitable disruptive dapps. Some of our dapps in development are Pokereum decentralized poker and other decentralized media based dapp. SuperDAO Tokens “Superneum” ( Sup ), are the means to collaboratively vote on logistical options for organizational direction. SUP tokens are used for staking to earn more of the organizational tokens and as staking mechanism to earn network rewards within our dapps Pokereum and other dapps in stealth development. At the initial and current state of SuperDAO, SUP are called promissory tokens.

Pokereum Dapp and Media torrent DAPP

Pokereum poker is the first decentralized poker project, that uses an EVM based smart contract, decentralized blockchain and real time communication (RTC) peer to peer framework to solve the mental poker problem. The solution to the mental poker problem leveraging smart contracts and RTC had been documented in a published draft paper prior (2014) to the completion of the platform (Ethereum blockchain) on which it is built . The user experience demo was released here [link] and the team will be releasing an integrated mental poker solution to the Ethereum testnet in a few weeks after the user experience feedback. Also in stealth development is a special media dapp that will leverage torrents enabling users to earn passive income based on participation and staking of SUP.

Meet the Team

  • Oladapo Ajayi
    Oladapo Ajayi

    Founder / Solidity Expert / Strategy development and Operations

  • Patrick Mazotta
    Patrick Mazotta

    Risk analysis mathematical models

  • Jermaine Encarnacion
    Jermaine Encarnacion

    Marketing specialist

  • Panos Papantoniou
    Panos Papantoniou

    Security specialist | DevOPS | Solidity

  • Archil Phanchulidze
    Archil Phanchulidze

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Anthony Adegbemi
    Anthony Adegbemi

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Babayemi Olulana
    Babayemi Olulana

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Mikhail Slabodzich
    Mikhail Slabodzich

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Esco Obong
    Esco Obong

    Software Engineer | DevOPS

  • Aaron Vasquez
    Aaron Vasquez

    Software Engineer | DevOPS

  • Cristian

    Software Engineer | DevOPS

  • Anthony Adegbemi
    Anthony Adegbemi

    Software Engineer | DevOPS

  • Sheraz Arshad
    Sheraz Arshad

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Hatim Khomsi
    Hatim Khomsi

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Olufunso Ekundayo
    Olufunso Ekundayo

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Ayeni

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Ugo Ifezue
    Ugo Ifezue


  • Seun lanlege
    Seun lanlege

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Samuel Omidiora
    Samuel Omidiora

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Charles Okarformbah
    Charles Okarformbah

    Marketing Specialist | Solidity

  • Olawunmi George
    Olawunmi George

    Solidity Dev

  • Tosin Akinbobola
    Tosin Akinbobola

    Solidity Dev

  • Emmanuel Nwamaife
    Emmanuel Nwamaife

    Solidity Dev

  • Michael edobor
    Michael edobor

    Software Engineer | Solidity Expert

  • Promise Udenkwor
    Promise Udenkwor

    Solidity Dev

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Total Tokens: 100,000,000.00 | Price: $ 13.7896 | SUP: 0.0465617596 ETH | SUPERNEUM PRICE: 0.001873645206304