Top 10 best soccer clubs in the world 2012

10 Best Soccer Clubs 2012 This is a list of the 10 best soccer clubs in the world based on both the UEFA Champions League and Domestic League performances in the 2011/2012 season.

10. Benfica
Benfica is trailing FC Porto in the Portuguese League and lost to Chelsea in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The Portuguese giant is the 10th best soccer club in the world.

9. AC Milan
AC Milan lost to Barcelona twice in the Champions League and might be losing the Serie A to Juventus at the end of the season but their superb performances in the Serie A and Champions League is enough to slot them into the 9th position.

8. Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund retained the German League and would be playing Bayern Munich in the German Cup final on May 12, 2012. The German champions deserve a better position but their poor performance in the Champions League makes them the eighth best soccer club.

7. Manchester United
Despite the early exit of Manchester United in the Champions League they look set to retain the English League making 20 League titles. They only have the Manchester derby left to play for the season unlike City that will have to play the impressive Newcastle team @St James’ Park. They lost 6-1 @home to their city rivals!

6. Juventus
Juventus is the only European club with 34 unbeaten league matches in the 2011/2012 season. While they are getting ready to play Napoli in the Coppa Italia final on May 20, the Serie A title is almost ready for pick up. How would you describe the best Italian team of the season?

5. Chelsea
Chelsea is in the final of the Champions League and the English FA Cup though badly positioned in the Premier League with little hope of making it to the Champions League next season. No thanks to the sacking of AVB they wouldn’t have gone this far!

4. Manchester City
Despite the early lead in the Premiership Man City team slumped and would have to beat Manchester United and Newcastle to win the highly contested EPL at the end of the season. They lost to Napoli in the second round of the lucrative Champions League but they have good players including the controversial ‘why is it always me’ (Super Mario Balotelli).

3. Barcelona
After losing to Chelsea in the semifinal of the UEFA Champions League and Real Madrid favored to win the Spanish League Barcelona’s consolation is now the Copa del Rey against Athletic on May 25, 2012. Is this the end of an era for Barcelona? They only dropped two places from being the best soccer club in the world.

2. Real Madrid
The most improved club of the year (Real Madrid) was able to beat Barcelona at home 2-1, hmm what a relief! They lost to a better Bayern Munich side in the semifinals of the Champions League though. Next season they’ll learn to play Higuain and Kaka more.

1. Bayern Munich
A Champions League final at home seven days after the German Cup final between Bayern Munich and Borrusia Dortmund confirms Bayern as the best team in the world. Need I say more? Hell No! Action speaks louder than voice. Bayern Munich is the 2012 best soccer club.

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  • adil

    I want real madrid to be the first one.

  • rino

    BAYERNN– Best team

    • fdjskal

      thats why they won champions league, right?

      • Hello123

        LOL 😀

  • Best Soccer Leagues

    Nice post I like this i very informative & interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Dumi

    but I guess Chealsea has beaten Bayern to it as they won the Uefa Champions League

    • Rascojet

      Unfortunately the rating is not based on the Champions League Final and the last game of the season in the domestic leagues. The list remains as it is.

      • matt

        give it up mate, u got no clue if bayern is first, as simple as that

  • andrewronaldo

    bayern lost to chelsea and lost there league cup and there domestic cup if u really say actions speak louder then words then y is bayern #1 when madrid won there league same with juventis as for chelsea they won 2 cups this season and bayern won shit so plzzz learn ur teams

    • Rascojet

      The rating is a point based system [Champions League Final and the Cup finals doesn’t count here]. FIFA picks the MVP and team of the tournament after the semi-finals. Take a look at the one I wrote in 2011 You’ll realize this ain’t based on the final games. We look forward to seeing your list…

  • Georges Bernard

    Dortmund and AC Milan are much better than Manchester United and Chelsea!! Beside that the ranking is good

    • Hello123

      No they aren’t.

  • forkpa billy

    I like man united

    • Melvin


  • Melvin


    • Hello123

      I agree.

  • neo

    No! Bayern can’t be the best soccer club in the world that position belongs to Barca

  • Arjun

    Chelsea is the best team for this season because they kick barca and munchen ass


    THIS LIST IS HORRIBLE. I mean yes it is a good list but Milan Is better then Juventus, Man U is better then Mac City and Barca is better then Madrid and Munich

  • iggy070

    good list man , if this retards would have seen bayern play any game they dominated with exception of OT in the Real Madrid game haha
    good stuff

  • Hello123

    1. Barcelona
    2. Real Madrid
    3. Manchester United
    4. Chelsea
    5. Manchester City
    6. AC Milan
    7. Arsenal
    8. Inter Milan
    9. Bayern Munich
    10. Juventus

    Top ten overall not just 2011/12 performance in my opinion. You may criticize this list however you want cause I don’t care 😀

    • Rascojet

      The list was for 2012 and I hope you saw the 2011 list too. I don’t understand what you mean by overall? If you mean best soccer club of all time, Barcelona won’t be up there above Real Madrid and AC Milan. You’ll have to add Liverpool, delete Man City. Nobody is going to cause your undefined list.

      • Hello123

        OK maybe I worded that wrongly. What I meant was their overall rating currently, like how good they are based on their players and not how well they did in competitions. Sorry :)

        • Hello123

          Also why is Bayern Munich number 1? They didn’t win anything right?

  • barca

    Yes even me am totaly confuse bwt bayern being on top of da list bt thy ddn win anytng last season

  • Abba ladan

    Chelsea is the best team in the world because they are the leader