10 Best African soccer players of all time

This is a compilation of the 10 Best African Soccer Players of all time to play the round leather game. This is based on both performance and awards received.

10. Thomas Nkono

Thomas Nkono

Thomas Nkono is the best African goalkeeper of all time. He won the African Footballer of the Year in 1979 and 1982. He played in three World Cups (1982, 1990 and 1994) for Cameroon. Italian Keeper Gianlugi Buffon named his first son Thomas (born December 28, 2007) after Thomas Nkono, who used to be his favorite goalkeeper.

9. Hossam Hassan

Hossam Hassan

Hossam Hassan is the most capped African Player with 169 international matches and 69 goals. He won the African Nations Cup thrice (1986, 1998, 2006) and played in the 1990 World Cup. He won 13 league titles in the Egyptian League and two African Champions League (1987, 2002).

8. Rabah Madjer

Rabah Madjer

Rabah Madjer won the African Footballer of the Year in 1987 and also the European Champions Cup in the same year with FC Porto. He won the African Nations Cup in 1990, UEFA Super Cup, three Portuguese League titles and other awards in his playing days.

7. Kalusha Bwalya

Kalushya Bwalya

Kalusha Bwalya is the most capped all-time goal scorer with 50 goals and captain of the famous KK Eleven of the Zambian National Team. He won the African Footballer of the Year in 1988 and was the 12th best in the FIFA World Player of the Year 1996.

6. Kanu Nwankwo

Kanu Nwankwo

Kanu Nwankwo won the European Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and the Dutch Title all in 1995. He also won the African Footballer of the Year in 1996, 1999 and was the 6th FIFA World Player of the Year in 1999. He won the Olympic Gold medal in 1996, two English Premier League titles, two English FA Cups and a few other awards.

5. Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba is the Cote d’lvoire all-time top scorer with 45 goals in 71 matches. He won the African Footballer of the Year in 2006 and 2009. He won three English Premier League, three FA Cups and other various awards. He was also included in the Time Magazine list of World Top 100 most influential people in the world in 2010.

4. Abedi Pele

Abedi Pele

Abedi Pele is the all-time Ghana top scorer with 33 goals in 73 games. He won the African Nations Cup in 1982 and was the African Footballer of the Year in 1991 and 1992. He won four league titles and one European Champions Cup with Marseille (1993). He was the 9th FIFA World Player of the Year in 1992.

3. Roger Milla

Roger Milla

Roger Milla won the African Footballer of the year twice (1976 and 1990) and the African Nations Cup twice (1984 and 1988). Roger Milla achieved international stardom at 38 scoring four goals at the 1990 World Cup and he is the oldest goal scorer in the World Cup at 42 in USA’94.

2. George Weah

George Weah

George Weah won the 1995 FIFA World Player of the Year, 1995 European Player of the Year and the African Footballer of the Year twice (1989 and 1995). George Weah lost narrowly in the Liberian Presidential elections in 2005.

1. Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto

Samuel Eto’o is the most decorated African Player of all time and Cameroon all-time top scorer with 52 goals. He is the only player to have won the African Footballer of the Year award four times (2003, 2004, 2005, and 2010). He has played in three World Cups, six African Nations Cups, and he is the all-time leading scorer in the African Nations Cup with 18 goals. He is the first ever player to win two European Trebles back to back with Barcelona and Internazionale. He won the Olympic Gold Medal in 2000 and was the 3rd FIFA World Player of the Year in 2005.

I’ve updated this list with a video on YouTube. Austin Okocha now on the list and Milla swaps position with Weah. Watch it below and share your thoughts.

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  • Don Dami

    …Weah can’t be bested by Roger Miller, who shouldnt be in the top 5. The only African player ever to win FIFA and European player of the year…that’s no mean feat. I will place him at number 2.

    And now, where is the most gifted african player. One of the few African player to ever Captain an European Club & Country. Once on the field, he becomes the pulse of the team – the buck stops at his feet. “Some times in training, we stop to watch him play”, a team mate remarked. “he was light years ahead of his pears”, another pundit claimed. i still remember what that commentator said “so good, they named him twice – Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha”.

    Some players achievement may never be measured in silver wares. Ever since he retired from the national team, the eagle has never been the same again. The void he left was to big. He is Nigeria’s greatest player of modern era. He should be on the list!

    • admin

      Jay Jay Okocha was fantastic but he didn’t win the African Footballer of the year during his time.
      I can agree the second position to be between George Weah and Roger Milla.
      Milla played for a very long period of time and was in the top 10 African footballer of the year Award longer than anybody. Personally I will vote for Weah ahead of Milla but analysis will favour Milla ahead of Weah.

      • Ruai makender

        weah is the best

  • utchay ochor

    The only blemish in your analysis is the omission of JAY-JAY OKOCHA. He truly deserves to be among the top ten african players ever. Titles or not, he was a marvel any day on the pitch. Nobody can do what he did with the ball till date. His goal in Germany against Oliver Kahn is still remembered as one of the best goals ever in the bundesliga.

    • Rascojet

      Okocha was dropped from this list because he was unlucky to win the African Footballer of the year during his playing days. His goal against Oliver Kahn was the 1993 goal of the season in Germany. He’ll definitely make the top 12 list. Please try to compare him with these top 10 players based on performance and awards received not on performance alone :)

      • black magic

        i strongly dissaprove of rating becos of the omission of soccer god ”jj okocha” okocha is arguebly the best africa has ever produce both in skills and movement

        • manu

          say’s who?

    • kwi

      well i dont think weah should feature in that list i dont know why because he made a name for africa just once for me samuel eto has all qualities

  • Mcben Wopa


    • Mcben Wopara

      why my comment is not yet to be approved ??

    • Rascojet

      Samuel Eto’o is the greatest African Soccer Player of all time by far. His style of play, achievements and performance both in the National Team and at club level is incomparable to George Weah’s performance even in 1995 when he won the World Player of the Year Award. The number two position is definitely between Milla and Weah but Milla was chosen because he played for a very long time than Weah (that might be questionable though).

  • ebenezer

    u guys should have included jay jay okocha or samuel oparaji

    • Rascojet

      Samuel Okparaji might not make Nigeria’s best 10 Soccer Players of all time talkless of Africa’s Top 10 of all time. Okocha that didn’t win African Footballer of the Year during his time will NEVER make my Top 10 Best African Players anyday, that’s the highest award on the African Soil. He won the BBC Award but the CAF award is the ultimate.

  • King David

    Well done your analysis was not bad, winning the World best title is the most rewarding in world soccer.
    Weah was the only one. Therefore, revisit this matter.

    • Rascojet

      Samuel Eto’o is the best African Player of all time. The second position is between Milla and Weah. Maybe they should be joint second then :)

    • demeo

      I`ll simply say u are either a Nigerian or a Chelsea fan, but sorry though as the players that u fan for will never be as good as the legendary SAMUEL ETO`O FILS

  • USA


    • demeo

      put him no:1 in your own list lol

  • banda

    jay jay okocha is arguably the best player Africa has ever produced disregarding the fact of winning silverware. the guy was just brilliant with the ball and a delight to watch . it takes ages to see such talent on the pitch so why omit him in Africa’s best ever .

    • demeo

      What do you know about soccer?……lol

    • Chukwu

      Nigerians should stop all the crying, U guys do not own Africa.

  • mohamed widaa

    Okocha should be in here , Ahmed Hassan also .

    • Rascojet

      Ahmed Hassan is another soccer legend in Africa but was unable to make this list just like Jay Jay Okocha. They are going to make Africa’s Top 20 though.

  • conzuma

    if in terms of awards then my papilo has to be the second all time in african football,

    • demeo

      if u are trying to insinuate in other ways that it is because of achievements that Austin Jay jay is not in the list,with all the respect for his amazing talent, i think he had the chance during the 2000 AFCON in his homeland and lost it against the eventual African player of all time. That surely was Jay Jay`s year
      and i understand perfectly with all Nigerians. But like we all know, it is not the best who always wins personal achievements, and surely the likes of Thiery Henry, Steven Gerrard,Francesco Totti, Raul just to name a few can surely testify about that.

  • http://www.234next.com Nnamdi

    Jay Jay was pure magic. The criteria you have used puts him in a difficult position. However, if you are talking real talent, they don’t come better than Jay Jay. For me, he is simply the most talented African player and one of the top five I have seen in the world.

    You just go lyrical watching him play; he dripped talent all over. He was special.

    • Rascojet

      Jay Jay is one of the best African players of all time but him not winning the African award is not good enough and that was why he was unable to make this top 10 list. Maybe the analysis is wrong or biased towards him but I have much respect for him like you guyz.

    • demeo

      You are simply a fan of fancy soccer

  • blackmagic

    i strongly dissaprove of this rating becos of the omission of soccer god “jj okocha”‘ okocha was africa best in terms of skills and movement

  • mulumbi musonda

    nice compilation, kalusha was and still remains the greatest player zambia has ever produced like it or not VIVA africa

  • Molash

    This is really intelligent. However, one of the best players ever, Ronaldinho, confessed that Jay Jay is one of the best players he ever met. However, I understand the omission seeing the criteria you’ve used. But using that criteria, don’t you think that Kanu Nwakwo should be in a more rated spot? Maybe i’m talking this way cos i’m Nigerian but Drogba haven’t achieved what Kanu has.

    • Rascojet

      Thanks for the comment. Kanu achieved more than Drogba but Drogba seem to play better. Okocha was fantastic but unlucky to win medals which was a criteria used to pick the list here.

      • chukwu

        Mr. Rascojet ! U are too Nigerian with your comment.

  • DonHills

    alright now all mouths closed and doubts cleared about comparing ETO and Weah or whoever,THE Russians just made that matter vivid.
    He is not just African’s all time best but soccers all time most resourceful,Not even Kobe of the NBA could beat that

  • tony nimely

    Look guys like stop all the crap!! George Waeh is arguably the greatest AfricanSoccer Player of all times!! Until someone can acheive what he has acheived, the bucks stops here. Talent? Ball Handling? Skills? Ingenuity at goal scoring? PLEASE!! Take your microphones and travel around the world and interview the best of soccer players and let them give you their opinion about the legend, King George. No disrespect to the other African greats…Weah just transcends them all and history will always count him first for his Universal representation of what the African talent truly is. Thanks.

  • edward

    your ranking would have been unquestionable if and only if you would have weah first etoo second and milla third remember there are only two football king in the world,i am not saying in africa then you are ranking one of the football king third in africa?stop that disgracing joke.

  • Agyekum Asare Barimah

    indeed Eto should be the best african player of all time, and he should have won more than the four times.
    God will continue to bless this young man.

  • daniel olo

    is there any other reward you want to use to compare * World Best* Mind you World best with Class. Gorge Weah won the World Best without experiencing the World cup final/competition. GORGE WEAH African world best of all time/seasons. not untill another African player emerge at the world player of the year. Samuel Etoo I believe in you.

  • kwame

    1. Okocha by far is a better player than Dedier Drogba.
    2. Antoan Bell Caf’s goalkeeper of all time should replace Thomas Nkono whom i think was also great.
    3. Oppong weah won world africa and european player of the yr at the same year what else happened with him? yes those were great achievement but i think you must constantly be at the top for at least 10 yrs
    e.g Samuel Eto’o Fils to be named African best player ever.

  • Joseph Awugosi

    I strongly doubt the credibility of this blog with Fifa ranking,apart from Pele,Maradonna, and Messi who is like JAY JAY OKOCHA,Even The great David Beckham and his twin bro as he is called Ronaldinho still calls him master, and moreover 95% people are voting for him why not face the reality and forget awards,whateva.JAY JAY is just like jackson in football,B FRANK.

  • Joseph Awugosi

    Everybody is shouting,is crying is appealing for only one name to make that list perfect,i mean excelent.Pls dont pick an offence,but believe me you are not wiser than about 20 people who have written and Lo many are yet to write in the favour of this young man.Sometimes you learn from people an intelligent person is one that is ready to learn and correct mistakes without reasons .You can as well go on giving reasons but know that JAYJAY is a MICHAEL JACKSON in football,Apart from Pele,Ronaldo and his broda Ronaldinho#Maradona and his broda Messi who is like JayJay on planet earth?name the person?The best entertainer with football,with dribble,fumbling with ball like part of his body.OKOCHA KWESIRI INO NA DAT LIST.fullstop.. .

    • Rascojet

      Okocha would definitely be in Africa’s Top 20 maybe I should come up with that list…

  • sarpong Daniel

    no doubt, Samuel E`too is best footballer for Africa at all time,but I don`t think Roger Miller deserves the second position.The second position must go to George Weah.

  • kookaburra

    look here your morons !
    the best ever africans were Mario Coluna and Eusebio ferreira.–not only did they pioneer european – african liason but they won more honours than all those modern high paidshowoffs !!

  • Doggy

    I see there is a lot of controversy about Milla and Weah,
    please lets be realistic here.Weah had his prime in 1995 and won FIFA best player but what else did he do?
    Have we forgotten so soon that it is Milla who brought African football to spotlight in 1990?If Weah is very frank he would surely tell u Milla was his Idol.If we have to start naming their achievements milla outweighs Weah
    Come to think FIFA best player,I think other African players like Drogba and Eto’o have merited it but did not get it cos of some modern football politics.I also read a few people try to argue about Eto’o first position on the list.Anyone who thinks Eto’o is not the African player of all times surely has a problem or just wants to disturb this forum cos his position is not by any chance questionable.
    As for JJ,am his fan too,and he was one of the most talented players Africa has had but when rating as such talent is not just enough.Some decorations would have done him some good.

    • Rascojet

      @Doggy: You’ve said it all. George Weah only played with that form for a short time and was named the best player in the world in 1995. Some of us have the memories of the Liberian team that crashed out of the African Nations Cup under the leadership of Weah at both the 1996 and the 2002 editions of the tournament and Weah couldn’t make it to the World Cup too. Milla showed quality skills in the 1982, 1990 and 1994 World Cups and also in the 1984 and 1988 African Cup of Nations when Cameroun defeated Nigeria to win the cup on both occasions. Milla will have to be ahead of Weah but Eto’o is the best African soccer player ever. Okocha was sensational in his time and he’s definitely one of the best but was unable to make this Top 10 list :)



    • arch duke

      Hey just to find out? did you ever care to find out what happened to Yeboah in his premier league days? thats by the way,the players you mentioned like Rasheedi Yekini were never favourites over their fellow team mates in europe and even Afirca.Talking of carrying teams on shoulders i dont understand you,Eto.o has played in six nations cup,winning two (beating Jay jay at the final as a teenage boy in 2000),ending the competition as runners up in 2006,the only player to have scored five goals in back to back nations cup tournaments and the all time nations cup goal scorer with 18 goals.Please I mean no disrespect, check with your football historians before you put forth such comments next time.Stiff competition in the days of Abedi Pele,Gorge Weah and the others of their likes would only have made them work harder and not slumber.because competition only leads to quality results

  • Josh

    I like your efforts with the list. However, I don’t think the African Footballer of the Year award in past decades is worth as much as it is now, purely because there are more and more talented African footballers plying their trades in Europe’s highest leagues, and the results of the African teams at world cups, etc, has been the best they ever have.

    Taking that into accout, my list is as follows:

    1. Samuel Eto’o – agreed.
    2. George Weah – Roger Milla would does not make my top 10, let alone is second. What of real note did he ever really achieve aside from his World Cup goals. His African Footballer of the Year awards were from times when the award was of a lesser stature – IMO.
    3. Abedi Pele
    4. Didier Drogba
    5. Michael Essien – he has placed in the top 3 of the African Footballer of the Year award 5 years running (2009-11), in a time when African Football has been at its strongest.
    6. Kanu Nwankwo
    7. Kalusha Bwalya
    8. Yaya Toure – Champions League winner with Barcelona, one of the highest paid players in world football.
    9. Rabah Madjer
    10. Bruce Grobbelaar – Best keeper Africa has ever produced.

    • Josh

      In fact, move Grobbelaar up to SECOND. Look at his record, 440 apps for Liverpool between 1981-1994, winning six (now the Premier) league medals, three FA Cup winner’s medal, three Football League Cup winner’s medals and a European Cup winner’s medal.

      His high level of performance over such an extended period surely surpasses that of Weah, who was absolutely incredible in 1995, but not so dominant for such a long period.

    • Rascojet

      Your list is not bad but if you’ve been watching soccer during the time of Roger Milla you’ll rate him higher than you did. Also Yaya Toure is far from Africa’s Top 10 at the moment despite being the African Footballer of the Year 2011. I like the rest of your list :)

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    I’ve watchd all d players on your list live and to be sincere the most skilful & most talented African player & one of the most talented in the world is JJ Okocha while Nwankwo Kanu is Africa’s most intelligent & wisest player & one of d most decorated & skilful both in African & in the world. So here is my list of Top Ten African players without being biased, based on their quality: 1.Nwankwo Kanu, 2. JJ Okocha, 3.George Weah, 4.Samuel Eto’, 5. Roger Mila, 6 Didier Drogba, 7. Rashidi Yekini, 8 Finidi George, 9. Emma Amunike 10. Rigobert Song.

    • Rascojet

      This your list is all about Nigerian Players, it’s far from Africa’s Top 10 of all time…

    • henry

      nigerian man who has forgotten how kalusha punished them. biased totally but i agree that JJ should have hit the top ten. he was world class

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    My list is not about Nigeria but about fact & truth. I dont know how old u are but I’ve been watching int’l football from 1971/72 till date. I’ve watched King of Football Pele of Brazil , George Best Of England down the ladder to Maradona, Romario, Bebeto, Marco van basten, Baggio, Paolo Madini, & in Africa from Roger Mila, Segun Odegbami, Abedi Pele, Titi Camara, Hossam Hassan, through to Drogba,etc of present generation. My list is simply based on quality. e.g. Finidi George was one time FIFA WORLD BEST NO 7. He has won EU Champions League, Cups, CAF Nation Cups, etc. Pls check this record. & pls lets not forget great African legendary Footballer probably 1st professional in Africa Teslim Balogun(aka Thunder Balogun) who played for Queen’s Park of England in 60’s.

    • Rascojet

      I have been a soccer fan for three decades and I can see some of the players on your list in the Africa’s top 20 but not in the top 10. Nigerians tagged George Finidi “World best 7″ during his Ajax days when Ajax defeated AC Milan to win the Champions League in 1995, Roberto Donadoni was a better 7 then. Your list is not bad but a quality list should not be biased :)

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Read & listen to different magazine & TV Commentaries to confirm my list: BBC Focus on Africa magazine Feb 1999, All BBC Commentaries on the players on my list, CNN Commentary on my List, England Observer magazine & news papers commentaries, Italian, VOA, German media commentary in 1996/97, Olympic & FIFA commentary on player on my list (esp Nwankwo kanu., BBC rated Kanu above George Weah & any other player in Africa ever & equate him with Pele Of Brazil).

  • maxwell

    I am a bit confused here, I am reading stories over here comparing our african legends. It is a shame and scaring comparison for one not to agree that George Weah is the greatest african player of all time. Let me make my case by saying, George Weah won the most prestigous award. It is considered the highest in soccer that any footballer will play to win. I will definitely give Samuel Eto’o his flowers and place him in the second place behind Weah.

    • roy

      canavaro won the fifa player of the year and maldini did not win it . does that make canavaro a better player than maldini . no is the answer . so your argument does not hold water .

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    BBC Rating of African Bests as of Feb 1999 was: 1st Nwankwo Kanu, 2nd George Weah, 3rd J.J. Okocha, 4th Finidi George etc. Pls read BBC focus magazine & commentary for confirmation. Kanu was described as the PHENOMENON. B4 France 98 W/CUP Finidi was on FIFA World Best 11(as Best No7) pls Confirm.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    D various nicknames given to Kanu by various media at d peak of his career were: 1)Mysterieso(Italian)-a mystery 2)Genius(English), 3) Phenomenon(BBC), 4) D Delightful Man(Olympic comentary)- being d Most Delighful Soccer player in d Olympics.

    • Rascojet

      You don’t rate the players based on a year’s performance. Kanu is equally rated on this blog like any other player. I can see you are Kanu’s number 1 fan for rating him ahead of players like Samuel Eto’o, Roger Milla & George Weah. It’s a personal list though.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    U hav 2 be scientific by your equation when approaching an issue. Even d Queen of UK recognised Kanu’s exploit in d game & invited him 2 a special banquet. Okocha’s failure 2 win d CAF award was POLITICAL; bcos he failed 2 advertiz 4 CAF sponsor. That was known by all & it has dent d image of CAF. Even Mustafa Haji after receiving d CAFaward said Okocha was a beta player than him. BBC d No 1 Media in d world was hence displayd SINCERITY by giving their own award 2wice 2 Okocha.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    And if u are 2 ignore Quality of player & rate African player by mere Award only, the African Top Ten will be: 1)Samuel Eto 2)Nwankwo Kanu 3)George Weah 4)Finidi George 5)Abedi Pele 6)Hosam Hassan 7)Segun Odegbami 8)Rashidi Yekini 9)Victor Ikpeba 10)Rigobert Song

    • Rascojet

      As stated earlier, this list is based on both PERFORMANCE and AWARDS received. In a game of soccer what’s important is winning and scoring goals, same goes while rating the players. You’ll have to check awards received, performance and consistency. Unfortunately there are many great players that didn’t make this list, the likes of Austin Okocha, Mahmoud El-Khatib, Ahmed Faras, Tony Yeboah and Lakhdar Belloumi. Players like Finidi George, Segun Odegbami, Rashidi Yekini, Victor Ikpeba and Rigobert Song would make the top ten lists in their countries. Remember this is just a list of ten and not hundred 😀

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    If consistency is truly a consideration as u claim d following players were most consistent: Finidi George, J J.Okocha, Segun Odegbami, Sunday Oliseh, Samuel Eto, Rigobert Song, Roger Mila, Kalusha Buwaya, Rashidi Yekini, Hosam Hassan, Abedi Pele, Taribo West, Mark Fish, Titi Camara, Nwankwo Kanu(from Japan ’93-2009) & Gentle Giant(Okechukwu Uche). I find rating them difficult but I’ll consider d following 11 as Best: J.J. OKocha, Sunday Oliseh, Samuel Eto, Finidi George, Kalusha Bwalya, Rigobert Song, Hosam Hassan & Okechukwu Uche, Nwankwo Kanu, Abedi Pele, Roger Milla. Rating these 11 is difficult based on consistency, so I didn’t.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Personally I still keep my 2 top ten based on Quality(performance + consistency) rather than Award which is sometimes Political especially CAF AWARDS. Am sure if Sam Eto will be sincere he’ll confess that Okocha was a beta player than him. Okocha was d Most Valuable Player in CAF COMPETITION in wich Eto also played, & yet the Award was given 2 Eto! May God of footbol judge CAF. Pls its not a personal attack on the gentleman Eto. I luv Eto too.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    And may be u don’t know dat Kanu & Finidi George Won d Dutch League 3 times,(not once as u stated)1993-1995. Finidi was in UEFA Champ League Final 2times(not once as u stated)).-1993-1995, Kanu was in UEFA champ League Final 3 tlmes(not once as u stated.)-1993-1998. Kanu was hot frm Japan ’93 up until 2009. He won Gold Medal in FIFAL U-17, world(1993), Olympic Gold 1996, UEFA Cup, 1997-1999. Kanu won 3 FA Cups(not 2 as u stated). 2 English Premier leagues, etc,So u can see dat Kanu & Finidi perfmnce is not only in 1995 as u stated. So update yrsef abt each players Medals pls.

    • Rascojet

      I intentionally didn’t talk much about their performances in Europe and I can’t list all their awards on this list. I remember Kanu was tipped to win the Golden boot before he went to Japan’93. Moreover there are many players on this that I didn’t write much about including Abedi Pele and George Weah. I have seen your own top ten list. Thanks for your observations. Have you seen the other lists I posted?

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    I’ve not seen yr other lists but 2 me Nwankwo Kanu is d Greatest Footballer( Soccer Player) 2 come out of Africa in d Last 100years. Next 2 him is J. J. Okocha. Period.

    • Rascojet

      Kanu is rated high on this list because of his awards. If the rating is based on perfromance only then Abedi Pele, Austin Okocha, Samuel Eto, Kalushsa Bwalya and Segun Odegbami will be rated higher than Kanu. Kanu’s awards in addition to his performance was the reason he was rated high on this list especially above Okocha whom many believed to be the best Nigerian soccer ever. This list was compiled based on the combination of performance and awards received.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    I disagree with u that based on performance Abedi pele, etc will be rated than Kanu. Athough Okocha is more talented than Kanu but Kanu is more Intelligent than Okocha & any other African Player. This is what gave Kanu an edge. I doubt if u ever watch Kanu live at the peak of his career scoring goal that are out of this world that only a superman can do. Even Kanu was the Only player From Africa in 2007 that the Assoc of Futbol Statistician included in their List of 100 Greatest Soccer Players Ever in the World (No 76), rated above Roberto Bagio & d like. Its like you hate Kanu. Even by my rating Kanu shld be among world best 5 being a PHENOMENON(BBC FOCUS ON AFRICA, Feb 1999)

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Even Gary Lineker, a former England int’l & now a sport journalist & one of d critics & oppositns of Nwankwo Kanu when Kanu was transferd from Inter Millan to Arsenal fflg his OPEN HEART SURGERY later confessd openly & apologized to Kanu Live On Air on behalf of himself. Gary Lineker & All English Fans Live Apologized to Kanu following Super Star Performance of Kanu in the march against Chelsea in wich Kanu scored 3 goals in 15mins evn though Arsenal was already down by 2-0 . The 3rd goal was MADE IN HEAVENS. All socer players & fans intervewd said it was naturally an impozible goal that they had seen.(from goal line!). I remember & I quote Coach Arsene wenger after the match, ” Kanu is world class”. I remember & quote a Kanu Team mate, “I have seen an impossible goal tonight”. So, I hope you too will admit like Lineker & all England fans that Kanu is the greatest soccer player ever from Africa, & one of the greatest in the world.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Rascojet I am stil waiting 4 yr reply 2 my last two comments.

    • Rascojet

      I decided not to reply the other time when you compared Kanu to Roberto Baggio. You’ll need to go back and watch some old matches of Baggio, Abedi Pele, Kalusha Bwalya and not only Kanu. Kanu scored three goals against Chelsea and that was the reason behind his 1999 African Footballer of the year. Kanu went to five African Cup of Nations without scoring a goal. :-)

      In any list like this there will be disagreements but you’re overrating kanu, if that’s what you feel that’s fine. I have compiled some other lists on this blog, you can check them.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Kanu may not have scored a goal in the Nation Cups but through HIS SUPERB PASSES he contributed to most of the vital goals that moved Nigeria 2 the next stage/or help to win one type of trophy or the other. E.g. His superb pass to John Utaka help Nigeria beat Cameroon in 2006 Nation Cups, his removal b4 d regulation time in d semi final hindered Nigeria from playing d final match. His superb pass t Chukwu Ndukwe in 2002 Nation Cups in d final match between Nigeria & Cameroon help reduced d goal difference between Nigeria & Cameroon which Okocha later levelled up with a superb goal, e.t.c., Besides his goals in d qualifying series without which Nigeria wouldn’t have qualified for Nation Cups & World Cups. Remember how he played just for 4 minutes to emerge d Most Valuable Player. & won d Peak Award.(only a genius can do that). His exit was d end of d Super Eagles as they could not qualify 4 Nations Cups let alone World Cups. Kanu(d greatest) & Okocha are in deed my Football heroes in Africa. Next to them are George Weah & Samuel Eto. Period.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Happy New Year Rascojet!

    • Rascojet

      Compliments of the season to you!
      You don’t need to defend Kanu’s inability to score in the African Cup of Nations despite being there five times. That is not good enough for him and everybody knows that. Kanu is a good lucky guy but you can’t compare him with Eto’o, Milla, Weah, Abedi Pele, and Drogba. They are all better players. It’s only you (his #1 fan) that’s overrating Kanu. I rated him higher than Okocha in the Top 10 Nigerian Soccer Players list on this blog but I won’t overrate him like you are doing.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Even his coach in his present club call him “d MAGICIAN”. His miss was described by d English media as “MISS OF D SEASON”. John Utaka & his team mate crowned him “KING OF FOOTBALL(SOCCER)”. That is 2 prove that am not d only person that appreciate King Kanu. D King of African Soccer. Believe him or not!

  • mickydarling

    1.Samuel Eto’o 2.George Weah 3.Abedi pele 4.Roger Miller 5.Didier Drogba 6.Nwankwo Kanu 7.Kalusha Bwalya 8.Rabah Madjer 9.Hossam Hassan 10.Thomas Nkono 11.Jay Jay Okocha 12.Bruce Grobbelaar 13.Armed Hasssan 14.Tony Yeboah 15.Yuif hadgi 16.Alhaji Diouf 17Samuel Osei Kuffuor 18.Fredrick Kanoute 19.Emmanuel Adebayor 20.Micheal Essien

    • Rascojet

      This is a great list, my top 20 is going to be similar to this.Good job!!!

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    It’s funny rating Didier Drogba who has not won d UEEA Champions League, UEFA Cup, Olympic Gold, FIFA Jnr World Cups, etc above Nwankwo Kanu who has done so. D person who came up with d list should laugh at himsef. It’s an highest order of INSINCERITY of d writer, & envy of Nwankwo Kanu D King of African Football(Soccer).

    • Josh

      For what it’s worth Doc, as an Arsenal fan I am more likely to appreciate Kanu over Drogba, but I don’t!

      There is no way that Kanu was a better player than Drogba, yes, Kanu may have won more trophies, but if you look at his contribution to those teams, it was minimal compared to Drogba’s contribution to Chelsea (Champ League runners-up, EPL champs, etc).

      Coming back from heart surgery was a noble and herculean effort from Kanu, but it doesn’t make him a better player than Drogba…

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    I disagree that his contribution was minimal. If so how comes he was rated as one of d best players in FIFA U-17, OLYMPICS & UEFA CHAMG LEAGUES? Infact he was describd “d MOST DELIGHTFUL SOCCER PLAYER” in d Olympics, & scored unimaginable goals at Ajax Besides, pls Read 2007 Publication of Association of Football Statisticians titled “TOP 100 SOCCER PLAYER EVER”(“Greatest Ever Footballers”), u ‘ll see that Kanu Is d only footballer on d list. This confirm my rating of Kanu. On d list d rating are: Pele(Brazil)1st,..Zinedine Zidane(France)4th…,KANU(Nigeria)76th,..ROBERTO BAGGIO(Italy)79th,.. EDGER DAVIDS(HOL)87th,.. MICHAEL BALLAK(GERM)96th,.

    • John

      Can you pls stop all these ‘Kanu Kanu’ you’ve been shouting on this list. Next time you are talking facts pls remember to quote a link on the web where one can verify your so called fact(s). How dare you compare Kanu to Baggio, maybe Ballack anyway

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Just go to google & search d title I gave in previous comment, u’ll see it there. It’s as simple as that. Or go to Soccerlens.com u’ll see it there. Or ask someone 2 help u search if u are not computer literate. Pls humble yourself & learn. U don’t have 2 be rude.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    John & Rascojet, “Top 100 Soccer Players Ever” was posted on Wed 7th Nov, 2007 at 2:3am by Soccerlens, World News . They were also called “Greatest Footballers Ever”. By Association of Football Statisticians. &Kanu is d ONLY African Player On d List. Are u jealous! Check it.

    • danne elvis

      liers that was written by a Nigerian. shame on u jealoucy no di pay oooooooh. Eto’o na de best period

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    It’s like I’ve silence John, Mickydarling & Rascojet by my references that Nwankwo Kanu is d Greatest Footballer(Soccer Player) 2 Come Out of Africa in d Last 100 years as they realised that their Lists of 10 best players in Africa placing Kanu in no6 is wrong, unscientific & myopic. King Nwankwo KANU is d No1 Greatest Footballer From Africa. Period

    • junkaman

      Dr Olushola,i think you are crazy or retarded or both. Being crazy about Kanu makes me think that you are gay. Kanu is a great player but here we are looking at the greatest of all time,which is King eto’o. Kanu won so much at those clubs surrounded by so many good players like thiery,veira,kluivert,seerdoff etc and as for eto’o he carried Mallorca on his shoulders. At barca though surrounded by quality players,he was one of the first to appear on the team sheet and his absence could be felt. At inter milan,he proved his worth. The point am trying to put across z that,kanu would play well if given a chance but he wasn’t a player a club would miss if unavailable. Okocha was fantastic but this is only a top ten,top 15,he can make it and also since rating players is debatable,awards and performance has to be used surely. But to clamor for the inclusion of finidi George shows me that the Dr titled could have been forged,so don’t make noise lol

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Here is some of Nwankwo Kanu’s Medals if u dont know: Dutch League Title(3 time winner), UEFA Ch. Cup(win), UEFA Ch. Cup(run), UEFA Cup(win), Olympics(Gold ), Eng FA Cup(3 time, Eng Pre Leag(win), Charity Cup(win), FIFA Jr W/CUP(Win, CAF N/Cup(Silver), CAF N/Cup(Bronze), CAF N/Cup(Bronze), CAF Player(1996), CAF Player(1999), e.t.c. and u are comparing such a Super Star to Abedi Pele, Drogba & Roger Mila who didnt have Medals near that. Besides Kanu played in Top European Clubs like Ajax, Inter Milan, Arsenal, etc,(for18yrs) which Roger Mila, Abedi Pele & Drogba didnt. The only players in Africa that have medals near that are Samuel Eto, George Weah & Finidi George, I’ve made my point. Your silence is a sign of admission that Kanu Is d Greatest Afrian Footballer(Soccer Player) Ever.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Kanu was also d BBC African Footballer of The Year 1997 & 1999, He also won Nigeria Premier League titles, among other awards.

    • Rascojet

      I don’t need to force you to share my views. If that’s what you believe, that’s cool. For the last time I’ll say it that if Kanu had won 100 awards in his playing days he won’t be compared to those legends I’ve listed earlier, they play better soccer than your beloved Kanu. Have fun…

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Finally, however, I still want all respondents(voters) on this blog to reflect on dz: 1) Kanu who has won ALMOST ALL D MEDALS IN FOOTBALL and is rated below Didier Drogba, Abedi Pele & Roger Milla who has not done so. 2) Even, INDIVIDUALLY, Kanu has Won Awards MORE THAN THEM ALL. 3) Kanu played in top European Clubs More than them all , scoring 25 magical goals for Ajax, 44 fantastic goals for Arsenal ,etc, & brought A MAJOR Honour to Africa by Captaining d team that won the FIRST OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL for Africa in Football(SOCCER).4) Kanu & Okocha are the ONLY Footballers in Africa that BBC, d No.1 Media in d World CROWNED AFRICAN FOOTBALLER of d YEAR 2 Times from the Opinions of their WORLD WIDE LISTENERS.

    • Rascojet

      I decided to say FINALLY because you’ve been repeating the same thing. I will let others share there views too. All the awards you said were all considered and contributed to Kanu’s rating on this blog.

  • ojwillion

    trust Jay jay shld be included if not make Weah the best bcos only him has ever won the world footballer of the year dat to me is like GOLD compared to all Etoo’s achievement……jay jay won african nations cup ’94 and olympic gold…was robbed by CAF when dey gave Hadji cos of d goal he scored in ’98 world cup…..

    • danne elvis

      Nigerians are just soo jealous. Eto’o is BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEST
      stop crying guys. I have an idea. Plz claim that his father was Nigerian went to Cameroon during the Cameroon/Nigeria Bakassi war.

      • http://www.rascojet.com/ RascoJet

        Let’s call a spade a spade. Eto’o is #1 but Drogba can move up on the list [this list was written on Jan 1, 2011].

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    If Drogba, Abedi Pele & Roger Milla with little or no medals are placed so high up on this blog considering your value of judgment, then your ranking of Kanu, Okocha ,Finidi George, Rashidi Yekini(one of the best strikers in USA ’94 when Super Eagles was ranked the 5th Best Team in the World) confirms the popular saying that a prophet has no honour in his home town. Regards.

    • Rascojet

      There’s a new poll on this blog where you can vote for the best African soccer players ever. Unfortunately the list was narrowed down to the best five (Milla, Pele, Eto’o, Weah and Drogba). You are encouraged to vote. If you critically check these five players you will realize why they are better than Kanu.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    As far as am concernd, & I believe BBC media, Int’l Assoc of Football Statisticians, FIFA Int’l Top Rated Coaches & Referees & Managers(esp Europeans who coached in Africa in past) & Players Like Oliver Khan, H.Stoichkov, Ronadinho, David Beckham, (Ronaldo of Brazil, Davor Suker, Dennis Berkamp & R. Baggio who were one time Kanu’s Team Mates) who had watched Kanu, Okocha, Finidi George, Rashidi Yekini, Victor Ikpeba, Amunike to vote the best 5 in Africa ever with sincerity & without CAF- Like Politics the only 2 players they’ll consider on your list of African Best 5 are George Weah & Sam Eto. And Kanu, Okocha will make the list, & one of either Finidi George, Rashidi Yekini, Victor Ikpeba, Amunike will also make the list. Most voters on your blog including you I guessed never watched Kanu & Finidi in Ajax, Okocha in Frankfurt & Rashidi Yekini In Portugal (where Yekini was TWO Times PORTUGUESE PLAYER OF THE YEAR). Drodgba, Abedi Pele & Roger Mila will not make the list. They have not played In top rated Teams 4 many years like Kanu, Okocha, Finidi George, etc had done, let alone Medals. Excluding CAF Political Awards even J.J.Okocha has won Int’l Medals & Awards more rated than Roger Mila, Abedi Pele & Didier Drogba including Olympic. Gold.(Nigeria 1996 Olympic Team was rated By FIFA as d Team of dat Year in d World). Chek FIFA Website for confirmation if you are in doubt. All through Okocha’s Career he was always the Most Valuable Player in MOST of the Matches in which he played both at Club Levels & at Int’l Levels including the World Cups & CAF Competitions. All these are on record.

  • Chukwu

    Dr.Olanipekun’s World’s Best Eleven Players Ever. (1) Okala, (2) Rufai, (3)Finidi, (4) Yekini,
    (5) Odegbami, (6) Finidi, (7) Ikpeba, (8) Amunike, (9) Keshi, (10) Okocha, (11) Kanu. (12) Kanu, (13) Kanu, (14) Kanu, (15) Kanu, (16) Kanu, (17) Obasanjo, (18) Jonatan G., (19) Olanipekun, (20) Olanipekun Olushoya.

    • Rascojet

      @Chukwu: You’ve studied this man and the list you made for him is a reflection of his heart. He sees the good players only in the Nigerian team.

      • danne elvis

        u are perfectly right my brother. This dr guy is so jealous dat he thinks his neighbouring country( Cameroon) of of 20million people should not have somebody like Samuel Eto’o who beats Africa’s most popular country. The truth hurts hey. Eto’o is so good, he gave a champions league to Barcelona and toke amd toke it back to give Inter Milan. Infact he is such a spectacular stricker even jose morinho said he should be rated among the world’s best and not Africa’s best.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Chukwu, I’ve been watching Top footbol & the best leagues in the world since 1971/72, but the Leagues & clubs where Roger Mila, Abedi Pele & Drogba have playd aren’t among the best in the world. My players above have played ranging from Barcelona(spanish la liga), Inter Milan(Serie A), Bundesliga(German), to Dutch Ered(league), They have played in the same Clubs with the World Best like Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho de Lima(= Ronaldo), Oliver Khan, Klivert, Dennis Bergkamp, Thomas Blind, David Seaman , Mathaus, Laudrup, Baggio, etc, but your so called 5 best players with the exceptn of Weah & Eto havn’t done so. However, am not suprised as your response/votes/rating goes with the popular saying that “a typical African esp Nigerian easily forget the labor of their heroes past”. Am not having a personal attack on Drogba, Abedi Pele, or Roger Milla, neither am I biased against them bcos they aren’t Nigerians, infact I respect them, celeberate them & luv them bcos they are all PRIDE to Africa , & I even enjoy watching them but the message am trying to pass across to all visitors on this blog is dat we shld be sincere, & balance all equation in our assessmnt with indepth study/research in Rating a Player without sentiment. & applyng this virtue to your daily ,social & political live will be a blessing. Best wishes.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    In addition Chukwu, pls note that even in Cameroon & Africa, players like Rigobert Song has exceld more than Roger Mila yet he was not remeberd for all his exploits in the Nation’s Cup, World Cups, etc. That’s Africa ! PBesides I believe my criticsm has brought a lot of forgotten Legendary Soccer Players ranging from Teslim Balogun(Thunder Balogun) to Rigobert Song to memory. & Pls next time don’t bring politics into the beautiful game of futbol as u did.Thanks.

  • Rascojet

    @Dr. Olanipekun: Roger Milla is like the Brazilian Pele that didn’t have a taste of Europe but still rated high by world standards (FIFA, UEFA, IFFHS etc). The only type of analyst that would underrate Abedi Pele are those that missed the 1991, 1993 Champions League Final and the 1992 African Cup of Nations. He was in Marseille with the likes of Papin, Deschamps, Desailly, Voller, Waddle etc. and you forgot Okocha didn’t play with many good players like Abedi Pele did. Have you ever seen a deadly striker like Drogba in Africa in the last decade apart from Eto’o? Kanu played in five African Cup of Nations without scoring a goal and to you he’s the best. Nobody is underrating Rigobert song, only that the game is not fair to defenders and keepers. Like I said earlier, I’ll leave others to criticize your list. Enjoy!

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Thank u.

  • crystal

    just want to let all you guys know that in terms of football here in AFRICA no country i mean no one can ever compare to CAMEROON,coz even till date they have the best players here in AFRICA,fine it out and you guys will confirm okay.

    • Chukwu

      Besides Etoo, who else can Cameroon boast of ??

  • roy

    Lets not just look at the fifa world player of the year award only and say because weah won it then he is the best of all time , i think that would be a very stupid analysis . I honestly dont belive its the right yardstick to compare players . Canavaro won this award in 2006 , maldini and baresi never won it so was canavaro a better defender than maldini or baresi ?.The answer is a big no . remeber its just an award for one season . so we need to look at consistence as well . There are so many african players who i think have deserved to win the award but were overlooked because they were black . if messi becomes the only player to win five ballon dors will that make him better than pele or maradona? i dont thinks so , i think we need to look at several factors too . consitence , teammates , quality of competition , influence on the pitch etc .

  • Aminkeng brian

    Nigerians,you do not own Africa.If Okocha was so good as you claim,why did he not play for any top European club.Even the cheap clubs he played for,how many trophies did he help them win? Football is not about ball juggling with no trophies.
    An excellent student is always judged by his position in the class room,at the end of every term.Name one trophy that your Okocha gave you;Nigeria.
    Talk about those who played purposeful football,like Daniel Amokachi,Kanu,Rufai,Finidi,Ikpeba etc.instead lamenting over some body who spent his juggling the ball in the pitch.
    One of you asked about who Cameroon has apart from Eto’o and Milla? Well let ask you too if you guys have ever had any body to the likes of Nkono,Bell,Patrick Mboma,Abega,Omam etc?not to mention the Eto’o,Milla,and many others.

  • Rhinos

    personally i feel Rascojet you are a bit biased in your compilation to central and north africa, where is the greatest African goalie of all time on your list, BRUCE GROBBELER? 5 English league champion with Liverpool, where is he?

  • Zsivaz

    DROGBA should be no.1 – where the hell is Essien?

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Let all visitors on this dz take a look again & again at King Nwankwo Kanu Credential from 1993 till 2010: FIFA U-17 World Cups Japan ’93(Winner), & 2nd Top scorer &Best Player(next 2 Oruma & D. Addo respectively); Dutch(Ered) League(3times Winner), UEFA Champ.Lg(winner), UEFA Champ.Lg(runner-up), UEFA Cup(winner), Scored 25 goals in 54 matches at Ajax, Eng.FA Cup(3times Winner), EPL (2times winner), Charity Cup(winner), scored 44 goals for Arsenal, Olympic(GOLD Medal)&Captain, African Footballer of the Year: (CAF=1996),(BBC=1997), (CAF=1999), (BBC=1999), CAF Nations Cup 1994(winner= he was a member of d 1994 team that won d Nations Cup in Tunisia), CAF Nation Cups 2000(Silver), 2002(Bronze), 2004(Bronze), 2006(Bronze),2008(Bronze), Peak Milk Award(winner), Nigeria League Titles(many time Winner), 4 World Cup(Snr) appearance, Captain Super Eagles, FIFA Ranking 6th(1997), Atlanta ’96 Media Ranking(Olympics) World Best & Most DELIGHTFUL SOCCER PLAYER (although FIFA Awarded it 2 Ronaldinho de Lima(Ronaldo), UNICEF Ambassador,etc. Do Drogba, Abedi Pele & Roger Milla measure up 2 dz?

  • Chukwu

    Welcome back Doctor .

  • John

    Welcome back Dr.Olanikanu Nwankwo.lol

    • Chukwu

      U are funny John, U probably are a comedian too. Doctor is doing his best to make us accept his position on ‘The Great Kanu’ but c’mmon Doctor ! it is like U are trying to and forcing us to accept that Kanu created football and that he’s the best thing that ever happened to this sports.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Chukwu, Kanu is my Soccer Idol. He is delightful 2 watch. He is Intelligent. He is not selfish. He carries other players along. He is gentle. He breaks no rule. He doesn’t cheat, unlike most players. For other players u’ll see elbow flying, U’ll see them spitting at opponent. U’ll see them diving for penalty kicks. Claiming fouls where there is no foul, stealing distance at freekicks. U’ll see other players using opponents as ladder. U’ll see other abusing referee & opponent. Nwankwo Kanu will not break rule or do any of those evils. He never earned a red card, Even off d field he is a complete gentle man. He is generous too. He embrace Young players. He went round Nigeria hunting for young talents for d Super Eagles. A great Captain with good character. To me he is d King of football of our time. He plays like Pele of Brazil. Has team spirit like King Pele. Engaging in talents hunt like Pele when he(Pele) moved 2 USA 2 promote football when soccer was unpopular in USA. 2 me Kanu is one of d greatest things that ever happened 2 football. He is a role model. As at d time his career was almost ended when he underwent Open Heart Surgery Kanu didn’t give up. He was tough physically & psychologically. Thank God he returned a World Class Player. He is indeed a source of inspiration 2 d hopeless. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U & ADMIRE U King Pappilo Nwankwo Kanu.

    • John

      @Dr: Kanu is good but over-rated by you. This is my top 10 list:-

      1. Samuel Eto’o
      2. George Weah
      3. Roger Milla
      4. Abedi Pele
      5. Didier Drogba
      6. Kanu Nwankwo
      7. Hossam Hassan
      8. Mahmoud El-Khatib
      9. Austin Okocha
      10. Micheal Essien

      I believe the listed players above Kanu are better than him.

      • ahmed

        Thank you for remembering Mahmoud al khatib but how did you know about him ?

      • KEBAP

        This your compilation is bull-shit

  • Leon

    Eto deserves the spot but where is Okocha. every one knows he was better than Kanu unfortunate part,he has no silver ware bcoz he never played in a big european club.many people say he was better than Ronaldinho. I think he should have been in top ten.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    John, It’s not abt u believe that those players are beta than Kanu. What are your yardsticks. Present your facts and figures 4 those players, as I’ve done 4 Kanu. List out their medals, Captaincy, Clubs in Which they have played, how many yellow & red cards they have earned, how long they have played at Int’l & club level, how influential they are, the caliber of team mates they have had, D level of d game at which they have played, media commentaries world wide, their character and I’ll prove to u that Nwankwo Kanu surpasses Eto Weah, Milla, Abedi Pele & Drogba. Nwankwo KANU is the finest, greatest & delightful Soccer Player From Africa in the last 100 yrs. Period.

  • connor

    thanks for everybody’s contribution,that’s what makes this blog interesting,and more credit should be given to Doctor for his arguments are factual.but not withstanding that doctor is saying that KANU is the best African player for 100years(personally awarded by you),but do not forget that Miller is a century player(officially)amongst others like King Pele and Maradona . I have travelled and still travelling to soo many countries in the world, when ask about African football,the first name everybody can remember is Miller.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Dz is no sentiment, present your facts, figures & statistics about Roger Milla as I’ve done 4 Nwankwo Kanu & let’s see who has a better credential btw Kanu & Roger Milla. Even the reigning Queen Of United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth, recognized Nwankwo Kanu’s exploit in d game of soccer(football) & invited him(KANU) 2 a special Banquet in year 2010 AD. What honor surpasses that? Honour from d Most Powerful Queen & Crown on Planet Earth. No other player in Africa had such a great honour. He is also UNICEF AMBASSADOR. Bravo! King Nwankwo Kanu.

    • Chukwu

      She never invited Diego Maradona, and neither did she invite Pele nor Ronaldo de Lima, or Zinedine Zidane, louis Figo etc , and w’all know pretty well that these guys are of a totally different league when it comes to player rankings, So, what makes U think that he’s the best ever ? Even though he participated in many African Nations Cup finals and never scored a single goal !!! How come U Dr. Olanipekun ???

      • John

        Doctor is a KanuComedian. He knows he dare not compare Kanu to these greats. I wonder how meeting the queen would make him a better player than Abedi Pele. Kanu is the only rated striker that couldn’t score at the Nations Cup. This top 10 list is cool

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Chukwu, remember soccer is a team sport. Kanu may not have scored a goal in d Nation Cups, his superb passes & excellent skills at holding d ball both on ground & in air(sometimes he flips d ball over an opponent as if playing basketball) always determine Nigeria victory in all competitions including Nation Cups. KANU, OKOCHA & OLISEH were d power cord of d Super Eagles. By d way, 2 arouse your jealousy d most respected & most hardworking Governor in Nigeria, His Excellency Babatunde Raji Fashola honoured Kanu by playing in Kanu’s Testimonial march full time in Lagos. Infact he captained a side. Again ,what a great honour 4 Kanu. Pls,also, note that one of my players on this blog Rigoberts Songs was recently(last week) appointed Manager of d Cameroon National Team, d Lion. So am being gradually vindicated. I congratulate Rigobert Song & myself.

  • Donaldson

    Guys bin following this argument and i tell u ..u jus can not compare Kanu with Eto’o Weah Okocha Eto’o is jus the best ever African Footballer No doubt his highly Decorated with Awards and is a marvel to watch

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Chuckwu & John, may be u are not aware dat d Queen of UK is an Arsenal Fan. She became an adherent admirer of Kanu by Kanu’s spectacular performance at Arsenal. In addition Kanu’s Royal Invitation speaks of his popularity & influence in d round leather game. The full presence of d busiest & d most hardworking Governor in Nigeria (His Excellency Babatunde Raji Fashola) in Kanu’s Testimonial Match attests 2 Kanu’s greatness. And it confirms d biblical saying ”… have u seen a man skilled in his work he’ll not stand b4 mere men but b4 Kings… ”. & Nwankwo Kanu indeed has dined with Kings & has been honoured by King. This makes him unique from King Pele, Ronaldinho, Zidane , Maradona(once tested +ve of performance enhancing drugs=Ephedrine, & sometimes later Cocaine= is he not a Fake Superstar?), etc.

    • Rascojet

      @Dr. Olanipekun: It’s obvious you are a clown considering your Kanu ratings. You said Kanu is unique compared to the greats? Kanu would not compare himself to any of these guyz. This blog doesn’t allow posting comments under different names.

  • Nana Baidoo Shaq-Mo

    Pls Doctor whatever, You’re sounding too Nigerian. I’m an Arsenal fan but I don’t think Kanu can be Africa’s No. 1. that would even be a shame to African Football. Please be FFFFFFFFFFFAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRR!

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Rascojet 1st, how do u mean by ‘person posting coment under different names’? 2nd, if Kanu is not a great Footballer mention others that are football greats, & what make them great that Nwankwo Kanu does not possess. Does Maradona, Ronadinho da Lima, & Pele, have more Medals than Kanu? List them out & let’s see. Do they played in bigger clubs than Kanu? No. Do they play in European Leagues than Kanu? No. Do they play d game longer than Kanu? No. Do they serve in their National team than Kanu? No. Are they more intelligent than Kanu? No. Do they have beta character on & off d field than Kanu? No. Do they have clean record in d game in terms of Yellow &Red Cards than Kanu? No,etc. Even in Africa, Kanu remains d Most decorated African Soccer Player; forget about CAF political claim in 2010 that Samuel Eto was d Most Decorated African Player b/c he Won CAF African Player of d Year 4 times. Kanu also won African Player of d Year 4 times(CAF 2 times + BBC 2 times). D BBC Awards is more dignified than CAF Political Awards, a result of Cameroonian dominance of CAF administration. & u my sister Nana, u are entitled 2 your opinion. But one thing I want u 2 know is that TRUTH IS A BITTER PILL that people detest swallowing. Truth is however constant. It can’t be carpeted forever. Even Maradona’s ‘hand of god goal ‘was FALSEHOOD. Argentina victory against Nigeria in USA 1994 was FALSEHOOD as after d Match Maradona was tested positive to Ephedrine, a performance enhancing Drug. Is that not rather Shameful. Nigeria lost 2 Cameroon in 2000 Nation Cups Finals in Nigeria due 2 POOR OFFICIATING is that not a real SHAME 4 Africa & CAF? A clean goal by Victor Ikpeba was anulled. Pls lets watch our tongues when making comments even if u don’t agree. I’ve made my point. Let me step aside b4 am crucified like Christ instead of Barabas, as men detest truth. Farewell 4 now everybody.

    • Rascojet

      Doctor: Posting with a different name was directed to all. Pele’s FIFA 100(125 players) has four Africans (Abedi Pele, Roger Milla, George Weah and Austin Okocha) on the list. Samuel Eto’o is the most decorated African player and the best ever. Kanu Nwankwo got 86 caps compared to Kalusha Bwalya’s 100, Roger Milla’s 102, Samuel Eto’s 109 and Hossam Hassan’s 169. There’s no point comparing Kanu to the greatest players in the game like Maradona, Pele etc so I won’t reply your comment on Maradona. We all know you’ve been joking all these while about your Kanu ratings which you claimed to be true but kudos for making the post funny though :-)

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Rascojet, Pele’s FIFA posting was Pele’s personal opinion. Not d general opinion. Its not a True FIFA official position. Pele was just being political in d selection. Can u post Pele’s/FIFA yardstick 4 d selection? If u agreed 2 d Pele’s FIFA posting while was Okocha absent from your list? Pls learn 2 be sincere & scientific(realistic) in your judgement rather than being idealistic or sentimental. If Kanu’s Royal invitation is not relevant 2 his football(soccer) career(according 2 Chukwu & John), then what is d relevance of d Time Magazine claim that Drogba is among 100 most influential people on earth bcos he was involved in Peace Process over Political crisis & War situation in Coted’voire 2 his football(soccer)career & the fact that George Weah contested 4 Presidential election in Liberia added 2 Weah’s football career. It takes some level of humility sometimes 2 accept d Truth. Am not a comedian or a clown but a preacher of d truth. Best wishes.

    • Rascojet

      You’ve to respect Pele’s list if you’re a soccer fan. His list wasn’t a soccer list bible but was meant to hint you that Kanu was unable to make a list of 125 players. Also I wrote a list of ten compared to Pele’s 125 so if Okocha is not on my list that is understandable. Kanu’s royal invitation is irrelevant. Continue to preach your Kanu Gospel Truth but try to enjoy good soccer!

  • arch duke

    Hey just to find out? did you ever care to find out what happened to Yeboah in his premier league days? thats by the way,the players you mentioned like Rasheedi Yekini were never favourites over their fellow team mates in europe and even Afirca.Talking of carrying teams on shoulders i dont understand you,Eto.o has played in six nations cup,winning two (beating Jay jay at the final as a teenage boy in 2000),ending the competition as runners up in 2006,the only player to have scored five goals in back to back nations cup tournaments and the all time nations cup goal scorer with 18 goals.Please I mean no disrespect, check with your football historians before you put forth such comments next time.Stiff competition in the days of Abedi Pele,Gorge Weah and the others of their likes would only have made them work harder and not slumber.because competition only leads to quality results.As for Jay Jay not being able to get awards due to stiff competition among the likes of KALUSHIA BUALA, RASHEEDI YEKINI,ABEDI PELE and WEAH simply means he was no match for them despite his talents.In short and plain English they were more talented than he was.

  • arch duke

    Hey Doc no disrespect.Pele,Maradona,Zidane,Ronaldo,Ronaldinho were never invited to a banquet with the queen of England.This makes Kanu the world best player of all time isn’t it? And please lets be reminded, we are talking of quality players and not player popularity.One more thing Doc, you love Kanu so much but you always have a way of discrediting him.If Kanu was invited to a banquet with the queen of England,then it should be because she is and Arsenal fan and not because of his achievements in Football.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Arch Duke, may be bcos I didn’t give details of d criteria 4 Kanu selection 4 d Royal invitation that was why u got me wrong. D criteria is dz: 1)As of May 2010 Nwankwo Kanu was d Most Decorated Player in English Premiership, 2) He was d All time Most Decorated African Footballer(Soccer Player), 3) He is therefore considered a Sport Personality 4) His Kanu Heart Foundation Has made so much impact on African children, 4) He has one of d Finest Characters as a footballer both on & off d Field. Those were d criteria. I dont think Pele, Zidane Maradona, etc mentiond by Chukwu, & Rascojet has such Credential. They don’t. So that together with magical skills of Kanu at Arsenal made d Queen 2 give him a Royal Invitatn As a Sport Personality. That made Kanu UNIQUE from other Soccer stars. KANU is d Finest Footballer(Soccer) player/Football Superstar From Africa in d last 100yrs. Tnkx.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Arch Duke, d details of d criteria 4 selecting Kanu 4 d Royal invitation is dz. 1st) As of May 2010 Nwankwo Kanu was d Most Decorated footballer(Soccer Player) in d English Premiership, 2nd)KANU was d Most Decorated African Soccer Player of All time. 3)He has one of d Finest Character on & off d Field in d game. 4) He was therefore Considered a Sport Personality. 5) His Kanu Heart Foundation made so much impact on African Children. 6) His unique Magical Skills at Scoring unimaginable goals(ingenuity). He was invited as Sport Personality Etraordinary & a Role Model, b/c of his exploits in round leather game. Dz ar d reasons 4 his Royal Admiration. Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldinho de Lima, Pele, Eto’o, Roger Milla, Drogba, etc didn’t have such Unique & Fantastic Credentials 2 attract Royal Invitation by d Queen of Uk. Tnkx.

    • John

      Doctor I am not sure you are describing the same Kanu Nwankwo that we used to watch in Arsenal and during Nigerian games. I am going to assume you took Kanu for another player(unknown player) which we are yet to discover on this blog. The other Nwankwo I remember is Kanu’s brother “Ogbonna” who played as a right back. I hope to watch the Kanu you are talking about one day. The Nwankwo Kanu I know is rated well on this blog maybe you want him higher than Drogba and that’s not a bad idea. Maybe Mr. Rascojet will change his mind to put him ahead of Drogba for your efforts sake. That’s not bad but don’t try to get him close to the top 4 it will be obvious you are biased with your ratings. Who cares about your royal invitation please let us rest on the invitation, were you there? what did they eat and what was the discussion lol

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    I’ve explained earlier, & I’ll explain again. Papillo Christian Nwankwo Kanu was considered 4 d Royal Honour b/c: 1) As of May 2010 He was d Most Decorated Soccer Player in d English Premiership, 2) He was d All time Most Decorated African Footballer(soccer player), 3) He was one of d Finest Characters off & on d field, 3) His exceptional Skills & Performances 4) Being very Charitable through Kanu Heart Foundatn. 5) He was th4 considered A Sport Personality Extraordinary & a Role Model. All media: Complete Sports, Nigerias Daily Newspapers BBC News, etc Carried d News in 2010. Even go to Google u’ll see it except you are not being sincere.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    John, U’ll also see Papillo Nwankwo Christian Kanu, former Super Eagles Captain Picture(Photograph) with d Queen of UK in d Media Report, particularly d BBC News. Are u Jealous.!

  • Chukwu

    Wake up Doc , answer your critics and give them all them fake infos they never knew about Nwanko Kanu.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Chukwu, I’ve replied Arch Duke, John & others on 18 March. D reply was 2 their comments on 17th March. See items 81 to 86 on dz blog. May be u had expectd my reply 2 show after their comments but it showd b4 (it was vice versa). If u look closely & carefully u’ll see dat I have replied d intelligent guys. But u Chukwu, d bibilical doubting Thomas will be more justified than u on d day of judgemnt b/c u’ve seen & heard but didn’t believe b/c u are already biased. Can u mention one info that I’ve given u that is fake? Pls learn 2 watch yor tongue as I had said earlier even if u dont agreed or u are doubting what I’ve said. I can even give u my address 2 meet me personally 2 give u some sources of my info. I’m a Scientist, well trained in d University in Medicine, Surgery, Veterinary Sciences, Physiology, Pharmacology & Public Health. I’m also a Chartered Manager & a lover of Sports particularly Soccer(football). I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I dont know your level of education but your comments have shown your background. Pls how do u mean by fake info about Kanu? & Pls give example. Learn 2 be polite & responsible even when u are defeated. Good Luck.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Chukwu, I also posted some reply on 19th March. For your jealousy Nwankwo Christian Kanu(aka Papillo) remains d most decorated, greatest, most intelligent & finest soccer player from Africa in d last 100yrs. Next 2 him is JJ Okocha, George Weah & Sam Eto’o, respectively. Played for 19 years without a red card! Played for only 4(four)Minutes in a World Cup Qualifying Series & emerged man of the match, Brought d 1st greatest honour 2 Africa in Soccer by captaining d first National Team 2 win Gold Medal in Soccer at d Olympics, Won almost all d medals in Football, Received invitation 2 a dinner from Queen of England, came from Open heart surgery 2 become African Footballer of d Year. Only a shallow mind will say he is not a Football(Soccer) great. That alone should make him Footballer of D Century. He is indeed a strange being, a mystery, a man with Highest Order of psychological toughness, who turned his pain 2 prosperity 4 others through Kanu Heart Foundatn. He is in deed a Hero.

  • Rascojet

    There are more lists on the best African soccer players here Best African soccer players list – Rascojet list

  • solomon

    There was Ugandan soccer player named Phillip Omondi, whom Abedi Pele actually thinks could have been the continent’s greatest player.

    • Rascojet

      Philip Omondi was joint top scorer in the 1978 African Cup of Nations with 3 goals. He was also the 9th best African Player of the year in 1978. Besides 1978 he wasn’t spectacular. Abedi Pele won’t rate him as one of Africa’s best ever if you do. He’s far from this list, maybe a list of 100 might show his name who knows?

      • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

        Am using dz medium 2 Congratulate d Greatest & d Best Football(Soccer) Superstar of All time frm Africa Dr King Papillo Nwankwo Christian Kanu on Confirment of Honourary Doctorate Degree of Art (Soccer Art) on Him by University of Jos Nigeria, Today Sat 12 May 2012. D Crown & DECORATION fit u. Congrat! D most Decorated African Soccer Player(footballer). Again dz is a Q.E.D. 2 all my argument & proof dat u are d Greatest & not Eto. Big Congrat.

        • Rascojet

          Eto has the 3rd largest mobile network in Cameroon called Set’Mobile while Kanu got an honorary PhD degree from University of Jos. You’re still comparing the two? Action speaks louder than voice and I am sure an unborn child would easily know from the womb that Eto is numero uno…

      • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

        Rascojet it’s like u are feeling defeated & confused. We are talking decorations(MEDALS) & Honours received by a player(KANU) u are talking INVESTMENT(by Eto)or Business. Besides, thank u 4 yr Correctn on d late Senegalese Soccer Star. It was a slip of d pen. I didnt realized until now that I wrote Ghanaian instead of Senegal. Tnkx 4 your observatn. By d way,do know d fact dat Kanu has 89 Caps(=APPEARANCES) 4 Nigeria & yet has more MEDALS(=DECORATION) than those players dat hav over a 100 Caps(APPEARANCES) for their country means Kanu is a Better player. He achieved so much with less caps(LESS APPEARANCES). Whao! He(KANU) is d most brilliant.

  • Dr. Olanipekun Olushola

    Am also using dz mediun 2 send my condolence msg 2 d family of one of d Africas Greatest Strikers Rashidi Yekini of Nigeria & 2 d Family of Ghanaian Soccer star both of whom we lost recently. May their souls rest in peace.

  • aaron finder

    What about lucus radebe he should be top of the list SOUTH AFRICA ROCK! also I think julius malemma should be in the starting eleven of the sa team

  • Bhavna Singh

    Interesting list of the best soccer players.

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  • Hassan

    Abou Treika…. nuf said

  • jimmy

    A pretty embarassing list tbh. Having spoken to many elder African friends of mine who have watched football for a long time; many of them cite Mohammed Polo from Ghana as the finest footballing talent from the continent eve prproduced by the continent. And they actually saw him and all of the guys you mentioned play. That he does not even feature in your top 10 list is a joke and makes it lose all credibility.

    Weah was a superior player to etoo for me Having seen both play. But many Africans actually tell me that Abedi Pele was better than Weah but was unfunfortunate due to tHe lack of exposure he received received.

    • http://www.rascojet.com/ RascoJet

      Abedi Pele and Okocha are probably the two most skillful players to come out of Africa but that doesn’t make them the best two players to come out of Africa. Abedi Pele is a better player than George Weah but Weah was rated higher because he was able to win the World Player of the Year during his time. Okocha is a more skillful player than Kanu but Kanu will be rated higher than him by many soccer pundits. Mohammed Polo is far from the likes of Michael Essien and Tony Yeboah in the Ghana Best players list…