Rasaq Adeniyi

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  Welcome to rascojet website. Our areas of interest include web design, graphic design, social media marketing and project management with focus on responsive web design. View our portfolio, browse our blogs and read more about us.


  Our portfolio is a place to see featured projects. Portfolio projects include web design, graphic design and other related projects. SUPA Template, Insta Search and Efizy Tumblr are some of our featured projects. Browse our portfolio here.


  Our blogs include Rascojet Tumblr, Rascojet Top 10s, and Rascojet Videos. Rascojet Top 10s is powered by WordPress, Rascojet Tumblr runs on Tumblr and Rascojet Videos is powered by Blogger. Read more about our blogs and view our store.


  Rasaq Adeniyi aka Rasco Jet is a self taught web and graphic designer. He studied Computer Science @AU and Materials Engineering @OAU. He is currently Designer @SamHoustonState and @rascojet. Contact him here.